Global Promise

Through all of Larson-Juhl's efforts, the focus on our environment is a top priority. Larson-Juhl offers a number of custom frame moulding collections that have earned FSC® and PEFC® certifications as well as a vast selection of matboards which boast FSC® certification.

Global Promise Mission Statements Larson-Juhl is proud to share our Global Promise Mission with you. This three-part statement covers the Environmental, Social, and Economic missions that, when combined, create a total plan for our business to continue on its Journey to Sustainability.


To create products which utilize materials and technologies that are environmentally friendly in the most efficient, eco-conscious manner, providing forest-friendly framing options for consumers.


To make a difference in the lives of our neighbors by building strong, diverse communities and partnering with organizations that can have a meaningful impact for the greatest good through the efforts of Larson‑Juhl and its team members.


To continuously improve the value of the company and brands for team members, customers, partners and stakeholders so that confidence in the company is constantly encouraged.

Since 1990, American Forests has completed restoration work in all 50 U.S. states and 45 countries around the world, helping to plant nearly 50 million trees in areas of crucial need. Larson-Juhl has donated 10% of these trees, more than 500,000, to the Global Releaf foundation since 1991.
These projects have restored forest ecosystems for a variety of critical issues, including wildlife habitat improvement, responses to wildfire and other threats, water resource protection and carbon offset benefits. Through local partnerships, American Forests is able to involve individuals, organizations, agencies and corporations in tree planting projects that restore local and global ecosystems.

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Our Certifications

Larson-Juhl is honored to have earned certifications from three of the world's most respected third-party certification organizations!

Which Larson-Juhl facilities are certified?

Lira (Czech Republic)FSC Certified (FSC® FSC-089409), PEFC Certificate Code: 209/COC/ 2011 License Code: PEFC/08-35-0016 Arcobalegno (Italy) FSC Certified (FSC® FSC-C044113), PEFC Certificate Code: ICIL A-COCPEFC-081 License Code: PEFC/18-31-96 Senelar (France) FSC Certified (FSC® FSC-C019502), PEFC Certificate Code: CTIB-TCHN 834 License Code: PEFC/10-31-1541 Ashland, Wisconsin (US) FSC Certified (FSC® C005082), PEFC, & SFI certified

North American Distribution FSC Certified (FSC® C005082) & PEFC/SFI (PwC-PEFC-352) Certified

Tranaslist (Sweden) FSC® Certificate Code: SGS-COC-007283 License Code: FSC-C074412, PEFC Certificate Code: SGS-PEFC/\COC-1067 License Code: PEFC/05-35-112

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