Unique Arts of Houston

21 Jul 2022

Marlene Laviage Tanner started Unique Arts of Houston over 44 years ago by selling metal etchings door-to-door. She began broadening her framing abilities by carrying Clark Metal Moulding in gold and silver to her customer base, having little industry knowledge, and utilizing skilled framers to educate her as her business grew. Working closely with sales reps that are still in the industry today, such as our own Paula Jackson, Larson-Juhl's Senior Product Design Manager, she grew with the framing industry. Unique Arts services a wholesale market, selling to designers, photographers, and artists. They provide custom framing for model homes, hotels, residential homes, and commercial businesses. Lisa Shapiro Hoover, her daughter, joined Marlene 27 years ago where they worked side by side on thousands of projects. Model homes nationwide, residential projects across world, international restaurants, and hotels. We are sad to announce that Marlene, a pioneer in our frame family, passed away last month, but her daughter Lisa will continue her legacy and lead Unique Arts of Houston.