Getting the Complete Picture with Nate Stout

30 Jul 2020

Complete Pictures manager and craftsman, Nate Stout, has been custom framing for 27 years. Nate is also a U of H graduate in fine arts with focus in sculpture and photography, and has been the Operations manager for Houston company, Pedal Party, for 12 years.

Complete Pictures has been in business for 27 years and is located in the heart of River Oaks, Greenway Plaza and Highland Village. They have always been accommodating to their customers offering pick up and delivery/installation services. These services have allowed Nate and his team to maintain their relationships with customers without putting them at risk during the pandemic. They wear masks at all times and maintain strict hygiene at the shop so as not to put their staff or customers at further risks for coming to their location.

Complete Pictures Inc. was recently featured in The West Lane Place Civic Association, in an article about the long established businesses in the community:

“Covid-19 has certainly affected us, but we are fortunate to have a loyal client base and support of our community,” said Nate Stout. Nate was able to take in some design and framing through correspondence during the Covid-19 stay at home order, but product has been difficult to obtain because manufacturers have been forced to close. Many of the employees for vendors were furloughed making it more difficult to obtain the materials needed to finish projects going forward. He is involved with another business, Pedal Party. Guests pedal down Washington Avenue, The Montrose, Downtown and East of Downtown on a 16-passenger bicycle with wrap around bar. The bike is similar to a party bus and is generally rented as a fun way to do a pub-crawl or progressive dinner. Due to social distancing and the closure of bars, that business is unable to operate. Nate’s passion for art is only exceeded by his customer service, a testament to his hard work ethic to succeed. Time will tell what the future holds for Complete Pictures, but Nate is a hard working entrepreneur with the gift of youth to continue his passion. "Since businesses were able to reopen I have noticed that most of our vendors, particularly Larson-Juhl, have been going above and beyond to accommodate these strange and trying times to help get back to “Business as Usual”.

Today, Complete Pictures mostly operates as they always have. Most of their customers have relied on their ability to design remotely via emails, text and video conferencing. There are even some customers who have been coming in for so long that they will allow Nate and his team to have “cart blanche” with their designs with minimal directions! Nate is always amazed at the beautiful pieces his clients bring in- Lately they have been doing a lot of large pieces and art floating in acrylic, bringing more of an industrial look to some of the residences. Nate affirms "I am excited for every piece that comes into our showroom because it gives us an opportunity to connect with another person on a very intimate level. In effect, I am being invited to view another person’s passions and how they would wish to express them in their most personal spaces. This human connection is why I fell in love with framing and curation in the first place."