Gary Owen Custom Framing

21 Jul 2022

In the year 2000, after many years working in the art field, under various disciplines l decided to go out on my own again and open a gallery, framing shop and art restoration studio in my home town of Barrie, Ontario. It's been a very gratifying experience. Although tough at times l'm lucky to love what l do and continue to derive great pleasure in connecting with people with a common interest in art, whether it's framing a family photograph, selling a piece of art they connect with or restoring a family heirloom. My real love is the restoration side of the business. To experience the surprise on peoples faces when they come in to pick up the piece on completion is something very special to me. Often the client thinks the piece is beyond repair and are pleased to know that it can be saved and brought back to life and l take great pride in being capable of fulfilling that wish. All too often our valuable past is discarded for something new with no real value or relevance to who we are or where we've been. Our past should be observed, cared for, appreciated and maintained for those who come after us.