Bippus Frame Shop

02 Mar 2023

In 1977, Berenice Bippus and her son Ray Bippus (first and second generations) started Frames Built By Bippus so that Ray did not have to move his family out of town with the company he was currently working for. Berenice retired and Ray's wife Cindy came to work in 1981. The shop bought a building from the neighborhood association in 1986 and moved locations, only a few blocks away, still staying in downtown Evansville. The business was thriving so their daughter Jill (third generation) joined the family business in 1988. In 2004 , Ray was ready to retire. So Jill's brother Tom (third generation), with an art degree, moved back to Evansville to work in the frame shop. In 2007, Jill and Tom bought the frame shop and the building and have been working it together ever since. Our business is going on 45+ years strong. Jill and Tom have a combined 55 years of experience. We work with residential customers, commercial accounts, healthcare accounts and interior designers.