Prism Specialties

23 Jan 2024


Although Prism Specialties is a franchise, our group here in Cleveland are more like a family than anything else. We specialize in art restoration of both private and public collections, big and small, and are often tasked with the distressing situation of disaster mitigation. The duty falls on us to restore a family's artwork, photos or other sentimental pieces back to like new condition. The best thing about this company is that we get to see clients open up their newly restored, newly framed, family heirloom that they thought was gone for good after their devastating house fire. The joy we get to make someone's darkest day brighter really couldn't be done without the help of Larson-Juhl. The vast selection of moulding that Larson-Juhl has in stock helps us focus on making sure our client gets everything they want in the end. The new features on your website allow the customer's involvement in frame selection choices, and help us create mock-ups of the finish product we can share with them.