Lavinia’s Framing

04 Dec 2023

With more than 35 years of experience, Lavinia Ruiz, an artist in her own right, who graduated in Plastic Arts with honors from the Instituto Allende of the Universidad de Guanajuato. She has offered framing services to the community of San Miguel Allende, Guanajuato. This being a demanding and rich international community of artists, connoisseurs and art collectors. Lavinia has an innate talent and extraordinary sensitivity for choosing the ideal presentation for any work, in addition to the excellent personal attention enjoyed by her clients. (photo Ian and Lavinia in big frame)


In 2002 with help of her new husband Ian, Lavinia started her own framing business, making the moldings herself, using a Sears $200.00 table saw; applying finishes, assembling the pieces, cutting mats, glass etc. Currently, she has a team of 8 trained to create moldings, frames and finishes, as well as the correct handling of works of art and assembly and conservation techniques. The traditional “glass and brass” (encañuelado) an almost dead framing technique typical of the area, has also been rescued by Lavinia’s Framing. (Photo shop)


Today, Lavinia’s Framing (Vive Con SA de CV) receives framing jobs from various states of the republic. It serves the most prestigious galleries in San Miguel Allende, such as the Skot Foreman Gallery and the Intersección Gallery, Nimbo art Room, No Name Gallery among others. Some of her most notable works were: Princess Diana’s mink coat , in 2009 Lavinia’s framed a good part of the Kahlil Gibran art collection exhibited at the Museo Soumaya, at Cuicuilco, Mexico City. Then in November 2012, 27 large format photographs (up to 4.45X1.95m) were framed for photographer Pedro Torres, exhibited in the José Vasconcelos Library, in the Ciudadela in Mexico City. The 27 pieces were framed in a wood called “tornillo”, 6” deep X 2 ½ “ wide , 5” fabric covered mats, and Optium acrylic . They were also installed by Lavinia’s crew using our European hanging system on stone walls 9 mts. high. The show was inaugurated by President Felipe Calderon. One item which we are proud to add to this list is Lady Diana’s mink coat bought at an auction in the US and brought to us to put in a Plexiglas box. (photo by Andy Warhol).


Lavinia’s not only frames work, but creates all sorts of displays for 3-D art, including Plexiglas boxes, displays and bases made from stainless steel, aluminum, iron, wood and other materials as well as special kinetic displays for works by artist Ron Mallory. The rich artisan community of San Miguel is essential for the creation of these. (photo base for glass, blue box)