J Miller, Pictureframer & Gallery

25 Apr 2024

J Miller, Pictureframer & Gallery has provided award-winning professional custom framing and related services since 1998. Our customers are Cape and Islands residents, visitors, businesses, artists, art galleries, consultants, and interior designers. They appreciate quality, value, creativity, service, and integrity. As do we. All work is performed ON SITE by the owner, who also assists all customers with design and materials choices. We are vocal advocates of SHOP LOCAL and SHOP SMALL, and we are very involved in the community. In various ways, we provide financial and in-kind support to more than 50 non-profit agencies and organizations on the Cape. Wherever possible, we use environmentally safe and renewable materials. We seek out and collaborate with suppliers who promote recycling and natural resource protection and restoration. J Miller Pictureframer is owned by John Miller, a Cape resident and successful entrepreneur for more than 50 years. In 2021, John was honored by the Mashpee Chamber of Commerce as “Mashpee Citizen of the Year” for his advocacy of small business and involvement in the community and non-profit organizations. John also serves as Mashpee’s Town Moderator and serves on the boards of numerous non-profit organizations focused on art, music, and the environment.


I grew up in Eastern Pennsylvania with a family that owned a three-generation family small business (grocery store). Both of my parents were very engaged with the community. So, it must have rubbed off. After I "retired" from my earlier careers and mused about something new to do for a few years, I convinced myself that custom picture framing would suit me nicely. That "few" years is now 26 and counting! And I love it even more. My customers are terrific and eager to spread the word. The occasions to do something special and create smiles is rewarding, as all framers know. Some of the more interesting and challenging projects I've handled are those with 3-dimensional items. Among them: military memorabilia and weapons, wedding keepsakes, glass eye cups, vintage keys, cutlery, and the like. One special item was a brick from the original Boston Garden that was razed in 1995 to make room for the new Garden. My customer's husband was among those who built the Boston Garden in 1928. He was a mason...and may very well have touched the very brick that was salvaged. She wanted it to be simple and dignified. It's things like this that bring extra enjoyment...not only to the customer, but to the framer as well!