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27 Sep 2022

I was 12 years old when I was given my first camera. In the early 70's, my love of nature led to buying a slightly more expensive camera which enabled me to do better close-ups. I eventually bought a SLR camera and decided to attempt a career as a photojournalist. I had two articles published for an agricultural magazine, but unfortunately, it went out of business. I then decided to combine my photography and calligraphy skills and sell these pieces at arts and crafts shows. I soon realized that framing them might add to their market value. I began to visit local frame shops in the hope of finding frames I could afford. Eventually, the owner of one of these shops made me the offer of trading the framing I needed, for being the employee she needed. I accepted the offer gratefully and became the proverbial duck which took to water. A few months later, forty years ago in 1982, she offered me a partnership. We added a small photography supply division and included my photography in our gallery. In 1992, she moved away because her husband was transferred, and I became sole owner of the business. While photography and calligraphy were added to the business, the focus was, and always will be, custom framing.

Frame Owner:

Inga Eubanks

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