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Product: FT 3100 & 2200 Mat BladesCategory: BladesItem #: 16620
Product: Wizard CMC Blades 8000/8500Category: BladesItem #: 16701
Product: Wizard CMC Blades 5000/EclipseCategory: BladesItem #: 16703
Product: Zippy Cutter BladesCategory: BladesItem #: 14212
Product: Guidelines for Great Frame DesignCategory: BooksItem #: 27897
Product: 3M Brown BumponsCategory: BumpersItem #: 25201
Product: 3M Clear BumponsCategory: BumpersItem #: 25203
Product: 3M Half-Round Clear BumponsCategory: BumpersItem #: 25205
Product: 3M 3/8" Brown Felt PadsCategory: BumpersItem #: 25211
Product: 3M 5/8" Brown Felt PadsCategory: BumpersItem #: 25213
Product: LJ Extra Large BumpersCategory: BumpersItem #: 25215
Product: LJ Clear BumpersCategory: BumpersItem #: 25219
Product: Abaca SelfAdhesive Hinge TapeCategory: Conservation SuppliesItem #: 21665
Product: Ll Conservation Backing PaperCategory: Conservation SuppliesItem #: 21670
Product: Print Sleeve, 30" x 40"Category: Conservation SuppliesItem #: 21700
Product: LJ Cons Corner Mounts FullCategory: Conservation SuppliesItem #: 21712
Product: LJ Cons Corner Mounts MaxiCategory: Conservation SuppliesItem #: 21714
Product: LJ Cons Corner Mounts FullCategory: Conservation SuppliesItem #: 21716
Product: LJ Cons Corner Mounts MaxiCategory: Conservation SuppliesItem #: 21718
Product: AcidFree Gum Linen Tape 1"x150'Category: Conservation SuppliesItem #: 21607
Product: Framer Tape II 3/4" x 60 ydsCategory: Conservation SuppliesItem #: 21608
Product: Framer Tape II 1" x 60 ydsCategory: Conservation SuppliesItem #: 21609
Product: Lineco Rabbet Foam Tape 1/4"Category: Conservation SuppliesItem #: 21612
Product: Mulberry Strips 1 1/2" x 24"Category: Conservation SuppliesItem #: 21617
Product: Lineco Archival SeeThru StripsCategory: Conservation SuppliesItem #: 21619


With over 100 years of quality craftsmanship and expertise in making custom frame mouldings, we pride ourselves on our broad range of products and exquisite designs.

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