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Find products through our easy search tool. Use search features including color, size, item number, and collection. Larson-Juhl is proud to provide our exclusive line of Artique matboards, as well as a full line of Bainbridge matboards.

Product: Lineco Frame Seal Tape 1 1/4"Category: Conservation SuppliesItem #: 21649
Product: Lineco Document Cleaning PadCategory: Conservation SuppliesItem #: 21653
Product: Lineco SA Linen Tape 1 1/4" x 35'Category: Conservation SuppliesItem #: 21657
Product: Lineco Back Paper Grey 36" x 300'Category: Conservation SuppliesItem #: 21658
Product: Lineco Pure Rice Starch AdhCategory: Conservation SuppliesItem #: 21659
Product: Thornhill Brass Ornaments SmCategory: Decorative SuppliesItem #: 446B
Product: Thornhill Nickel Ornaments SmCategory: Decorative SuppliesItem #: 446N
Product: Thornhill Brass Ornaments LgCategory: Decorative SuppliesItem #: 541B
Product: Thornhill Nickel Ornaments LgCategory: Decorative SuppliesItem #: 541N
Product: Antique Gold Corner Ornament Category: Decorative SuppliesItem #: 900G
Product: Antique Gold Corner OrnamentCategory: Decorative SuppliesItem #: 901G
Product: LJ Mat RackCategory: DisplaysItem #: LJR
Product: Arakawa 6' Rail (with screws)Category: DisplaysItem #: 11503
Product: Arakawa Rail ClipCategory: DisplaysItem #: 11504
Product: Arakawa Midway HookCategory: DisplaysItem #: 11505
Product: Arakawa 5' Stain. Steel CableCategory: DisplaysItem #: 11506
Product: Arakawa 7' Stain. Steel CableCategory: DisplaysItem #: 11507
Product: Easel Back 4" x 5"Category: Easel BacksItem #: 25402
Product: Easel Back 5" x 7"Category: Easel BacksItem #: 25404
Product: Easel Back 8" x 10"Category: Easel BacksItem #: 25406
Product: Easel Back 11" x 14"Category: Easel BacksItem #: 25408
Product: Easel Back w/ Door Back 4.5"x6"Category: Easel BacksItem #: 25411
Product: Easel Back w/ Door Back 5" x 7"Category: Easel BacksItem #: 25413
Product: Easel Back w/ Door Back 6" x 8"Category: Easel BacksItem #: 25417
Product: Easel Back w/ Door Back 9"x11"Category: Easel BacksItem #: 25419


With over 100 years of quality craftsmanship and expertise in making custom frame mouldings, we pride ourselves on our broad range of products and exquisite designs.

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