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Connect with Larson-Juhl and get the latest news and information on your favorite custom frame moulding manufacturer in 140 characters or less.

Utilize the Larson-Juhl Twitter account to ask questions on anything and everything custom frame related! Fun and interesting articles and ideas will be shared here as well.


Lynn Fey-Duncan
Lynn is Larson-Juhl's Vice President of Corporate Identity & an "Environmental Enthusiast."

Her Tweets usually focus on the latest in "being green." She shares great articles, environmental tidbits and how Larson-Juhl is progressing on their Journey to Sustainability.


Ginger Hartford
Artaissance's Art & Design Specialist who shares her thoughts on living an artful life through her shared art and design style tips.


Larson-Juhl's art publishing division, Artaissance or, shares unique artistic insights, new artists represented in their art library which currently features thousands of exclusive works of art by more than 150 artists and so much more information on art, interior design and inspiration!


Allyson Everett
Larson-Juhl Production Design Manager.

Ally, a Larson-Juhl designer shares her thoughts on being a creative Mommy who covets great friends, cardigan sweaters, southern food and fantastic flea markets.

Follow her to see what inspires her & maybe you'll find a new source of inspiration too!


Paula Jackson
Larson-Juhl Production  Design Manager.

As a Larson-Juhl designer, Paula Tweets her unique insights on anything that may inspire her... from architecture and antiques to Airstreams and Audis, she has a lot of fun design inspiration to share!


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