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Larson-Juhl's Journey to Sustainability

Larson-Juhl is excited to launch its Journey to Sustainability plan, which maps out the company's short-term and long-term goals.

This plan consists of "Key Goals," which are goals to reach within our North American business in the next three to five years; a listing of "key business initiatives" that need to be met throughout the life of the plan, "short term goals" which can be completed in a relatively short amount of time; and "longer term goals" which, once fully recognized, will put Larson-Juhl on its way to Sustainability.

Read below for a full breakdown of what Larson-Juhl team members are and will be doing to reach the goals set out on the Journey to Sustainability...

Key Goals - goals for the next three to five years:
  • Implement reforestation plan with measurable goals in 3 year and 5 year increments
  • Determine carbon footprint and establish long-term reduction goals
  • Reduce water/energy usage and set long-term goals
  • Reduce packaging materials used and set long-term goals
  • Develop a sustainability model for Larson-Juhl delivery
Key Business Initiatives - items that will be achieved along the way to reaching full sustainability:
  • Evaluate customer self-serve option
  • Investigate electronic distribution of invoices and statements (Credit)
  • Move Human Resources / Operations toward paperless
  • Develop long-term plan for human capital
  • Establish health and safety training for new Team Member orientation process
  • Develop training / succession/ knowledge continuity
  • Develop a wellness program for team members
  • Implement a long-term internal communication plan
Short Term Goals - department and location specific goals to be met in a relatively short period of time:
  • Reception
    • Develop "forest friendly" messages for all business communications, to reach a broader audience with a consistent message.
  • Human Resources
    • Poll Team Members to learn of any individual "green" ideas and what they may be able to do to be more Earth-friendly.
  • Operations
    • Conduct a baseline audit for energy/waste/water usage at every Larson-Juhl North American facility.
    • Determine plans for local reduction and recycling opportunities and local resource availability.
  • Community Service Team
    • Restructure how donations of time and money are awarded to needy charities.
    • Develop corporate giving policies at the local level.
    • Award a Larson "Jewel" of the Year to an outstanding Team Member in the area of Community
  • Corporate Support Center
    • Develop energy/waste/water reduction plans at every level of the business.
    • Educate Team Members on how they can reduce their footprint on the Earth as individuals.
Longer Term Goals - reaching these big-picture goals will put Larson-Juhl firmly in the road to Sustainability:
  • Create a way for Team Members to be responsible for their own energy and paper usage.
  • Develop a Team Member sustainability award.
  • Design a plan to become carbon neutral.
  • Create a plan to move towards Larson-Juhl paperless.
  • Develop sustainable model for supply-chain and third-party delivery/transportation
  • Replace toilets as necessary with low-flow as needed.
  • Replace hot water heaters with tankless models when necessary.
  • Develop a Manufacturing sustainability plan.
  • Plant as many trees as we consume in our moulding production.
Larson-Juhl's Journey to Sustainability plan was devised by an array of task force groups, comprised of various Team Members, who focus on different areas of the company.